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Skylamore', aka Sorceress Kaiya of Lamore' is a Ritualistic Performance Artist that utilizes a variation of spiritual practices, rituals, and ceremonies, on stage as a performance artist and as a Goddess guide.


















Many of her practices are influenced by her years of study & practice in various spiritual paths, as well her ancestral background.


She is a trained professional vocalist, dancer, and actress and integrates much of her originally composed music, choreography, and spoken word into her work. 











Skylamore' is available for bookings for shows, festivals, retreats, performance events, collaborations etc...Visit the booking page for more details.














Calling all Sorceresses of

The Divine Goddess

This is the call to join the coven

the Witches

the Free


To the land of Lamore’...


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Image by Viva Luna Studios
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