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Ok people! SUPER cool opportunity just came to me!  I've just been invited to perform last

I am open for direct bookings for events, performances, festivals, corporate events, and much more. Clients can choose from my existing themed performances, or choose the option for me to create a piece to fit the existing venue/event theme. 

Performances can vary from 10 mins- 1 hour at a time depending on event .

For all local performances within 50 miles of Denver, Colorado, I charge $200 a performance that may be repeated up to two times within an 8 hour period. 

(Any Burlesque/Drag requests you may contact me under "Collaborations" below).

I am open for multiday, out of state, and international bookings, as well as ongoing monthly contracts for projects /performances. On bookings longer than 1 day, and outside of my 50 mile radius, my fee is higher including room and board, as well as travel expenses (please email below). 
I offer a 50% discount to existing charities and nonprofits, and highly encourage any requests from such entities and charitable causes. 

I highly encourage clients to reach out if they are looking for a performance artist for any of the above! 

Please send me a message with the details of your event, the location, duration/dates of event, theme, your venue set up (including sound, stage, lighting options, rehearsal etc), as well as any other information you think I would find viable. 
I look forward to hearing from you and working together! : )

For collaborations with musicians, dancers, photographers, videographers, producers and any other artistic/creative; please feel free to reach out with details on your existing project or ideas for collaborating on a new piece together.  

look forward to speaking


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